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Buckle Up! You’re Going to the End of the Road...

Welcome to the End of the Road podcast, where you'll journey to some of the most remote, challenging places on the planet.

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It’s no secret that stories connect us. They inspire us. This podcast will take you – our listeners – on a journey to some of these places through the stories and experiences of our guests. They have lived and worked far beyond the end of the road.  

From a village that takes an entire day to reach by canoe through the Congo jungle … to a war-torn city in the Middle East. You’re going to hear, firsthand, what life is like and how God is present and active in these places and in the lives of people who live there – moms, dad, kids, families – just like yours.


Join us on this journey as we go to the end of the road. 

A World Concern Truck Travels On a Dirt Road


Transformation: Helping others in the community and beyond

Join host Cathy Herholdt and Karess Linzer as they share an incredible story of transformation in two people’s lives in South Sudan and how their transformation became the catalyst of change in their entire community.

S3 : E10 / November 23rd, 2022 / 12:10

Transformation: Healing and hope found in community

Join host Cathy Herholdt and Karess Linzer as they share an empowering story of transformation and healing in Bangladesh—two things that take place amongst a genuine, validating, and supportive community.

S3 : E9 / November 16th, 2022 / 12:43

Mystifying Myanmar: Finding peace amid turmoil in this unfamiliar country

Join guest Mark Estes for a glimpse into the mountains and villages of Myanmar, a mysterious land where citizens have struggled for decades to find freedom and peace.

S3 : E8 / November 9th, 2022 / 40:12

Beyond Borders: Small scale village development brings big changes in Laos

Join World Concern Laos country rep. Joshua Pascua and head of global operations Peter Macharia for a lighthearted conversation and stories from rural villages in Laos.

S3 : E7 / October 26th, 2022 / 30:47
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Meet Our Guests

Meet Our Guests

We can’t wait to introduce you to these selfless humanitarians – our guests on the podcast. We've handpicked each one, because we know you’ll be amazed by their experiences.