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Extreme Generosity: How one woman rallied support to stop child trafficking

Mindy Lee Irvine had a vision to raise $40,000 to protect vulnerable children in Southeast Asia. On her 40th birthday, she did just that—and so much more.

April 27th, 2022 47:19 Season 1 Episode 13 Read Transcript

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Show Notes

As a mom, Mindy Lee Irvine has raised her kids to have hearts of compassion and generosity towards others. She herself has been an example to them and to others in her life—especially when she set out to raise $40,000 on her 40th birthday to protect children in poor countries from trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. Hear her incredible dedication to the vision she had for making an impact, and how a chance encounter with a little girl in a remote village in Sri Lanka solidified her calling.

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