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Season 1 Highlights: To the End of the Road and Back

Relive some of the most incredible moments from the inaugural season of The End of the Road podcast with hosts Cathy Herholdt and Karess Linzer.

May 11th, 2022 28:16 Season 1 Episode 14 Read Transcript

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Show Notes

Host Cathy Herholdt is joined by guest host Karess Linzer for an exciting look back at the most memorable experiences from Season 1 on The End of the Road podcast. Relive Harun Ringera’s heartfelt return to South Sudan after fleeing an attack in the middle of the night. Be reminded by Katie Toop and Maggie Konstanski of what it really means to be “brave” in the face of fear, knowing God is with you. And feel what it was like for World Concern President, Nick Archer, to land on an airstrip where animals grazed near an abandoned airport in Somalia in the early 1990s. Don’t miss these highlights from Season 1 and the exciting things in the works for Season 2, as we journey to new frontiers at the end of the road.

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