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What I Learned at the End of the Road

Meet your host, Cathy Herholdt, and hear the vision behind the podcast.

February 8th, 2022 23:38 Season 1 Episode 1 Read Transcript

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Show Notes

Hear host Cathy Herholdt’s vision behind this podcast and get glimpses of some the people you’ll meet and places you’ll hear about in season one.

Cathy shares some of the things she learned, personally, in her time at the end of the road – about herself, about people, and about God.

“Mostly, I learned that I have a lot to learn. Even though I’ve traveled to some very remote places, I still know so little about the world, beyond my own familiar surroundings. I had no idea how mind and heart-opening it would be to visit places I thought would be scary, uncomfortable…” says Cathy. “My hope is that your mind and heart will be opened too, as you hear the stories on this podcast.”

Buckle up! We’re going to the end of the road.

Compassionate people like you make this work possible.

Compassionate people like you make this work possible. Ready to make an impact? We invite you to join us at the end of the road. Our prayer is that you’ll be transformed on this journey too.

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